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New Music Backwash

What’s really hood people? Sorry there’s been a lack of updates this week, been busy with school, working like a dog for Philly Weekly. Not really, that gig’s been chill, had to do a bit of a flyer safari today which would’ve been better if it wasn’t so hot, but all in all enjoyed it. I rarely ever go down to South Street because everyone always wants to go in the Spring and Summer when it’s filled with assholes. South Street on a weekday in the Fall is perfect.

Now, let’s get to some new music, shall we?

FIrst we’ve got a new track from Soulja Boy and 50 Cent (and Gucci Mane too I believe) which the DJ on the radio called the “worst collaboration in rap history” I dunno if I disagree with him. I’ve never heard a DJ apologize for playing a song before. This track also seems to possibly highlight the new direction Soulja Boy is taking his music in. Less deconstructive pop-rap minstrel show and more wackass wannabe gangsta shit. Good think he had the king of wankstas to help him out with that.

Soulja Boy (ft. 50 Cent) – Mean Mug

I’m putting this track here only because of how absurd it’s existence is. Willow Smith is the 8 year old daughter of…you guessed it…the fresh prince himself, Will Smith. If you shut off your brain, yes, the song is deliriously catchy, but all deliriously catchy songs are at their core, bad songs. If you ever listen to something and immediately want to like it without knowing why, it’s a shit song.

It’s also possibly the most overproduced thing to ever hit airwaves. Even more overproduced than Ke$ha. It doesn’t sound like that little girl was anywhere near the freaking booth.

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

Here’s a banger off the new Das Racist mixtape, “Sit Down, Man.” Haven’t had a chance to really sit down and dig into this mixtape yet (def try and review it this weekend,) but I really fucks with this track. It immediately took me by surprise because of the choice of sample…

Das Racist (ft. Lakutis) – Rapping 2 U

For those of you familiar with anime, particularly Samurai Champloo, ‘Rapping 2 U’ samples the show’s ending theme, ‘Shiki No Uta’ or ‘Song of the Four Seasons’ which was song by Japanese R&B singer MINMI. You can check that out below.

Minmi – Shiki No Uta

And here’s a real banger from MINMI. Not everday you folks get to here Japan’s answer to Dancehall. Be grateful.

Minmi – Sha Na Na

New jam from the Weezer album, “Hurley” which dropped last thursday. Haven’t had a chance to really listen to it either, but I really enjoyed this track.

Weezer – Smart Girls

This one too.

Weezer – Where’s My Sex

Definitely late on sharing this jawn, but here’s Kanye’s new jam which debuted to a pretty shocked crowd at the VMAs. The chorus is pure Kanye, plain and simple.

Kanye West (ft. Pusha T) – Runaway

Haven’t heard ANYTHING from the new Roots/John Legend album, but here’s a treat, tonight at 9pm, Spike Lee will be directed a live performance of a song (or two? I dunno) on Youtube. Tune into that, it’s on before It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia AND Jersey Shore. You haven’t to occupy yourselves.

The Roots & John Legend

And here are two random songs that I’ve just been playing non-stop.

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Neon Trees – Animal (Stripped version)


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