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Only Dubstep Saturdays #1

It’s rull nice outside today, so why not go sit in a park and liquefy your eardrums with some filthy dubstep? I’ve got just the tracks to help you do that…

Marmite (Doctor P Remix)

Serial Killa ft. Beezy- Eddie K & Minus

Bonkers- Dizzee Rascal (Doorly Remix)


Kanye West: Monster Ft. Everyone In Rap And… Bon Iver?

I’ve been mad slow on my music tip these past few days with packing for school and what not. But here’s the newest track from  the busy Kanye West. “Monster” features Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver. I’ve only listened to it a few times, but it’s pretty good and Kanye continues to impress, garnering more hype for his next album slated to drop in September. Also, Nicki Minaj straight up murders this track.


Listen Here:

For Keeps:

Kanye West- Monster Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver

Your Easy Loving Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothing

Since Jules post (which was wonderfully written; that’s some damn fine journalism as well) left such a bad taste in my mouth, I decided that something that wasn’t heartbreaking and infuriating needed to be posted. So here’s a music video.

Say hello to Detroit born (it shows in the music, doesn’t it) and L.A. based singer/ producer Mayer Hawthorne, real name Andrew Mayer Cohen. I love this song. I love the video (it was shot all in one take) and I love all the pretty girls. Hope this song helps you guys forget about how much you want to go burn down Irving Azoff’s house. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


Lupe Fiasco- Go To Sleep

I don’t know where Jules or Lars are, but I don’t think they’ll mind a little usurping on my part. Here’s a new track from Lupe Fiasco that I was mad hip to a little while ago by the fine people over at Ear Milk. The songs called “Go To Sleep” and its mad chill. I really like Lupe’s flow on this one and the backups mixed with the piano make this a very well produced track. I’m definitely hype for some more.


Want it for keeps? Snag it here.

Pretty Lights For Friday Nights

I know that I’ve already posted quite a bit today, but when I stumbled across these tracks while perusing the blogosphere, I just couldn’t keep them to myself. I have The Wet Blog to thank for bringing these bomb-ass Pretty Lights tracks to my attention. Both are pretty nutty, but the “After Midnight Mix” is a straight killer. After hearing these live tracks, there’s absolutely no way that I’m missing Pretty Lights when he hits up Philly on November 3rd, The Electric Factory be damned! All of Pretty Lights music can be downloaded for free! over at his website.

Enjoy these bangers and party it up. It is Friday night, after all.

“After Midnight Live Mix”

“Final Countdown Live Mix”

New Music Barrage 3 of 3: “I’m on my Van Gogh, I don’t hear shit.

So here’s the last serving of fresh tracks for the day. If you follow along here at the Experiment, you probably know that I usually don’t cover hip-hop. Not that I dislike hip-hop or am incapable of writing about it, I just see it more fit for me to differ to Jules and Andy on the subject, they do know the genre a good deal better than I do. But I just couldn’t help myself from posting these two tracks that just hit the web within the last 24 hours.

First up is Cee-Lo’s new track “Fuck you”. Though it’s much more along the lines of a  funky soul song, it’s still from Cee-Lo, who is a rapper.  Cee-Lo posted it on his own youtube channel, promising a full video next week, with a single on sale October 4th. “Fuck You” is slated to be on Cee-Lo’s upcoming album The Lady Killer.

Last night Kanye dropped a remix of “Power” featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz. I like a lot of Kanye’s music and I think that his super ego thing is mad entertaining and interesting. This remix here is a certified banger and is sure to help you start your weekend off right.

New Music Barrage 2 of 3

I could just as easily of put all this new music into one long post, but I felt that it was more appropriate if I grouped them together in their own posts. This one is solely dedicated to Sufjan Stevens and the new EP he just released on the internets like an hour ago. All Delighted People is what it’s called. It’s 8 songs that sprawl across 60 minutes. I never was a huge Sufjan fan, I appreciate what he did on Illinois, but a lot of his lyrical indie-pop just sounds the same to me. I know a lot of people do like him though, and what I’ve listened to of the EP so far isn’t bad at all. The title track is a sweeping epic that spans emotional tones.

You can buy the entire EP for a mere 5 dollars over at Sufan’s bandcamp page, or you can stream it in it’s entirety bellow. Enjoy all of the new music!