The illest music

LCD Soundsystem & Sleigh Bullshit

Not every show should have a disco ball. Some should though.

Well, the MAKING TIME SUMMER OF RADNESS FINALE featuring Sleigh Bells and LCD Soundsystem took place on friday night, and given that I was there, I feel obligated to share with you all the good, the bad and the awesome moments that took place.

Crowd of drunks waiting for the bus.

1. GOOD: The fine people at MAKING TIME were actually kind enough to set up a FREE shuttle bus service to bring people two and from the concert. One shuttle was leaving from NoLibs and the other was leaving from right around Temple. The bus rides were actually pretty damn fun, got to meet some new people (whose names I will never remember) oogle some sexy British girls and drink my loko without fear of reprisal.

Party Bus

2. BAD: Unfortunately the shuttle bus service after the show was not as reliable as one would have hoped. For one thing, no one working the event could tell anyone where the fuck the buses were actually picking people up from. The show was over at 1 am. I didn’t catch a bus until nearly three because no one could tell me where the hell I was supposed to go wait for it.

Setting up for LCD

3. AWESOME: The Naval Cruise Yard might just be the most amazing fucking venue in the city. Not only is there plenty of space but the acoustics are damn brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a better sounding show. At one point I stood in front of the speakers and thought I was just going to liquify. And I was okay with that.

LCD Soundsystem. I was pretty damn close to the stage. It was either that or be killed by the waves of acoustic energy from the speakers.

4. BAD: Ten bucks for a watery as drink which seems to be flavored with jack and coke? No thanks, I’d be mad if I had actually paid for that nonsense. Good thing I got it for free. Wouldn’t even have needed if they hadn’t taken my forty at the door =(

This picture’s kinda cool right? Right? I need to get a camera that isn’t my phone.

5. GOOD: You can smoke in the Cruise Yard. I mean, you’re not allowed to, but it’s so much easier to get away with here than say at the Electric Factory with their robber baron guards with eyes like hawks.

6. BAD: Despite LCD wrapping up by 1, the venue was still opened to party until three. The problem lies in the fact that they started letting people in for free after LCD Soundsystem was done. Normally I’m not against motherfuckers trying to get their rage on but I have never seen a line for a show more ridiculous than the one outside the yard, and it was bullshit because half the people in it definitely didn’t have tickets.

Oh well, least it was easy to cut.

7. TERRIBLE: Motherfucking Sleigh Bells. Due to circumstances I couldn’t control, I couldn’t get into the show until about 10:20, not a big deal really…except for the fact that I only got to hear Sleigh Bells perform two songs (not counting the two I heard outside while I was waiting in line.) Maybe Sleigh Bells came on earlier than 10, I have no idea, I haven’t been able to speak to anyone else who went to the show, but the fact that they were off-stage before 10:30 is fucking absurd to me. This might be the only show in my life where the artists were actually sticking to a proposed time-table.

Oh, and Sleigh Bells pretty much sounds exactly the same live as they do through speakers. Maybe when they get more material they’ll be worth seeing live, for now, I recommend against it.

8. AWESOME: Mother. Fucking. LCD. SOUNDSYSTEM. Holy crap. I actually went into this show blind, had never heard a track by them before (I was actually there to see Sleigh Bells, hahahaha) and I was just blown away. Easily one of the best performances I have ever witnessed. The lights, the energy…there really are no words to describe what went down, but it was fantastic, take my word for it.

Here’s a video I took out the show but chances are you won’t get anything out of it.

I particularly enjoyed their rendition of this live. Unfortunately, I was not sober enough to be able to recall much else. Just started digging my way into their discography so if I remember anything, I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know. Now if you’ll excuse me, the new Weezy EP dropped today.

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