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Das Racist Detained & Deported In The UK

Well this just doesn’t make any god damn sense.

According to everyone’s favorite stoner rappers, Das Racist, they were detained at Gatwick airport in the UK, held for 8 hours, and then deported to Switzerland.

There’s really only one thing to say:

That’s racist.

New Music Backwash

What’s really hood people? Sorry there’s been a lack of updates this week, been busy with school, working like a dog for Philly Weekly. Not really, that gig’s been chill, had to do a bit of a flyer safari today which would’ve been better if it wasn’t so hot, but all in all enjoyed it. I rarely ever go down to South Street because everyone always wants to go in the Spring and Summer when it’s filled with assholes. South Street on a weekday in the Fall is perfect.

Now, let’s get to some new music, shall we?