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The Gorillaz new iPad produced album, “The Fall” has dropped!

Damon Albarn knows how to fucking deliver. He said we’d get the new iPad produced album by Christmas, and damn if it isn’t 20 minutes until Christmas and I’m streaming the motherfucker right now.

You can head over to the Gorillaz site and stream it right now…but you’ll have to do some registration bullshit. A download of the album is available to Gorillaz fanclub members right now but as Christmas gift to all of ya’ll, here’s the link.

Go crazy and Merry Christmas.

PS: I’ll review this jawn after Christmas festivities. Promise.

All You Get For Christmas Is Dubstep

Wanted to get a post in before I fell into my post-finals Winter-break coma. That post is just going to be dubstep. Enjoy.


Das Racist Detained & Deported In The UK

Well this just doesn’t make any god damn sense.

According to everyone’s favorite stoner rappers, Das Racist, they were detained at Gatwick airport in the UK, held for 8 hours, and then deported to Switzerland.

There’s really only one thing to say:

That’s racist.

Stop Me If You Think I’m Wrong

Today, I’m going to throw a bunch of shit at the wall. I’m going to say a bunch of things you might not agree with.

Today I’m going to talk about something a lot of music aficionados are quick to dismiss and deride. It’s something that I was raised on, it’s something that I believe in, it’s something I think we’ve lost and it’s something I think we need to reclaim because it’s an essential part of our shared culture.

Today I’m going to talk about Pop Music.


Eating My Words – REVIEW: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday

Aight, Cass & Marv. I said I’d give Nick Minaj’s debut, Pink Friday, and I did so, begrudgingly. I mean, i could’ve been listening to a real banger like Redman’s new ish, Reggie, which just dropped today.

But nope, I decided to give it a listen so I could slam it and silence ya’ll.

(Un?)Fortunately I don’t have much to slam.


My Thoughts On The Grammy Nominations

Well the Grammy nominations are out. Here’s the full list of who’s being nominated and my thoughts.


How’s it hanging on this rainy ass day folks? Can’t be that bad, at least it’s suspiciously semi-warm. Definitely not completely unpleasant to be out an about but it’s definitely setting off my spidey-senses. I feel a miserable snow storm coming soon.

But until then, how about some tunes? Won’t be much new shit today, just another smattering of songs which are populating the musical landscape of my day.