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Tuesday Takeout

Let’s see what songs have been on my mind today, shall we? Some are old, some are new, and maybe some will piss you off.


It’s Friday Bitches, Time For Some Jams

I’ve been riding some good vibes all day. Let me share them with you.


New Music Round-Up *Updated*

What’s ill, people? Hope ya’ll are enjoying this find Thursday afternoon – I certainly am. Got a day off work so I’ve just been loafing about, scanning the blogosphere for new music. It’s still a little early in the day but there are def some gems floating around out there.

How would ya’ll like to hear some new Deadmau5, Dr. Dre, T.I., Em & Royce and, best of all, a new music video from an up-and-coming band straight out of the illadelph? I shouldn’t even have to ask.


FourLokoGate Update: OneLoko?

It’s being reported that to keep FourLoko on the shelves, it’s makers are removing the caffeine, guarana, and taurine Those three things, along with the booze, accounted for the “Four” in FourLoko.

Are you happy now world? OneLoko. That’s what it’s boiled down to: One-fucking-Loko.

I’d rather just drink Mad Dog.

Or maybe we can just start adding Five Hour Energy shots to OneLoko. Actually, that sounds fucking brilliant, and it’s probably what people are going to do.

They don’t even know the kind of evil they’ve unleashed.

Actual Real Live Journalism

Since we like try and keep a Philly twist on the blog (something we sorta suck at, but we try) I thought I’d share with this great piece over at Philadelphia Weekly (my employers!) about the resurgence of Philadelphia’s recording industry.

Give it a read, not only is it an interesting look at Philadelphia’s musical history and the workings of the music industry in general, but there are a lot of broader (positive) implications that this has for the city’s music scene and the recording industry in general.

And I’m done blogging for today. For reals. Be easy ya’ll, I’m off to dreamland.


FourLoko is Dead – Long Live FourLoko!

The FDA has ruled to ban all caffeinated alcoholic beverages.


Tuesday’s Takeout

Well it’s another dreary day in the illadelph. Winter is rolling through, so not only is the concert season coming to an end but we’re starting to really get shat on by that terrible Pennsylvania weather.

I don’t like waking up with the world all wet, especially not after a night of really effed dreams. I can’t help but feel like there’s a correlation.

Yes. I am that self-centered.

Whatever, I’m not gonna bore you with my egotism, unlike yesterday, where I just threw words at you, today, I’ve got some jams (and various other goodies.)