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Denied: Fishtown residents put the kibosh on Grasso’s proposed venue

Well god damn.

Fishtown residents voted 57 to 38 against the venue. Seems like they’re mostly afraid of what drunk concert goers will do to their properties after the show, which I have to say is a somewhat legitimate concern, but I fail to see how drunken college students and kids from the burbs going to shows will be any more dangerous than all the drunks that already roam Fishtown.

Check out those links to see a video of Grasso talking about his venue and the totally sweet floor plans. Grasso, apparently, isn’t giving up, and I hope this works out. Seriously, go check out those floor plans. This place would kick the ever-loving shit out of The Electric Factory.

Straight Escalatin’: David Grasso vs The Electric Factory.

Is this the face of the man who might finally wrest control of the Philadelphia’s live music scene from The Electric Factory?

In this piece over at, Grasso states his desire to bring a new concert venue to Philadelphia (in Fishtown, no less.)

Here’s where the escalation comes in:

“Between the TLA and Susquehanna Bank Center there is a gap in that space for a quality entertainment venue, for a place that bands want to play and people want to go and have a quality experience,”

Oh. Snaps.

My man Grasso is taking cheap swings right there, but I’m down. Suckerpunches are the best punches, I can tell you that from experience. I already like this dude’s atitude but there’s something in that article which might be a little problematic…


Thoughts on the mosh pit and Alice Glass’ hind-quarters

If you’ve been following the blog and you saw Jules’ picture uploads last night you’ll know that we were at the Crystal Castles show at the Electric Factory. The show was another stop on the Hard Summer Tour and the other acts included Rusko and Sinden.

Enough background info though.

We got to the show kind of early and housed some pounders and Four Lokos, a great idea had by all. When we got in Destructo was playing his set, which wasn’t too bad at first, but he played for a long ass time with not much original going on. During the middle of his set, though, I made my way up to the front, almost at the fence which is where I stayed for almost the whole night. Sinden came on next and started to rock the house. His light show was pretty nasty and he was cutting some sick beats. During Sinden’s set I helped break up at least 4 fights right behind me in the mosh.

Speaking of the mosh, though, why is it that every time I get up near the front of a show, there are always the worst assholes on the fence? Seriously why is the asian kind holding his ears shut standing in front of me at a CRYSTAL CASTLES show? Oh and the asshole checking his facebook every 10 minutes? Fuck you man, you don’t deserves to be up at the front. Go stand in the back and keep pretending you like the show and let everyone else up to the front.

Rusko came on after Sinden and played a fucking wicked set, though I was ready for CC around 3/4 of the way through his set. Then, after the stage crew spent 20 minutes setting up the stage, Alice Glass (with her usual fifth of Jim Beam) and Ethan Kath stepped on to the stage. They kicked it off with “Fainting Spells” and a fucking killer light show and just jumped right into their new album. The mosh was a madhouse when Alice decided to start crowd-surfing, which was so baller. I held her by myself for a little and eventually had her ass directly in my face. Awesome.

It was right around “Empathy”, however, that I passed out three times in quick succession and I thought that it would probably be better for my health to push my way back out. I must have looked like a monster, emerging from the writhing mass that was the mosh, completely drenched in sweat, hair pulled back. It sucked I couldn’t make it all the way through their set in the front, it was really cool to watch the whole scene in front of me as I stood at the doors and watched the stage (their lights show is epilepsy-inducingly awesome).

All in all, an absolutely successful night (Alice Glass’ ass was in my face!!!). If you have a chance to see them any time soon, I highly recommend their Hard Summer Tour.

Not the show we were at, but just to give you an idea of what the atmosphere was like.

I passed out before and during this song:

Putting Hardfest In Context

Disclaimer: Before you read any of this, check out the pictures from last night in the post right under this one. Because I said so.

Every part of my body hurts. Mostly all the bits I need to stand up, but especially the bits required for dancing. I’ve been awake for 25 hours.

The Electric Factory is the worst venue in the city. It’s event staff members are thieves and blackmailers…but maybe I’ll let Beitcher tell you about that. It really is funnier if you hear it from him.

There was no reason for Destructo to play an hour set. Dude doesn’t know how to drop a beat so none of his other bullshit matters. Every song was disappointment after disappointment. I leave at one point to go smoke a ciggarette, I find a glowstick on my way back in. It is my neon chemical sword. I’m too slow to use it to fight off Green Man.


Timeline of the Hard Summer Tour

Getting ill