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Tuesday’s Takeout

Well it’s another dreary day in the illadelph. Winter is rolling through, so not only is the concert season coming to an end but we’re starting to really get shat on by that terrible Pennsylvania weather.

I don’t like waking up with the world all wet, especially not after a night of really effed dreams. I can’t help but feel like there’s a correlation.

Yes. I am that self-centered.

Whatever, I’m not gonna bore you with my egotism, unlike yesterday, where I just threw words at you, today, I’ve got some jams (and various other goodies.)


Putting Hardfest In Context

Disclaimer: Before you read any of this, check out the pictures from last night in the post right under this one. Because I said so.

Every part of my body hurts. Mostly all the bits I need to stand up, but especially the bits required for dancing. I’ve been awake for 25 hours.

The Electric Factory is the worst venue in the city. It’s event staff members are thieves and blackmailers…but maybe I’ll let Beitcher tell you about that. It really is funnier if you hear it from him.

There was no reason for Destructo to play an hour set. Dude doesn’t know how to drop a beat so none of his other bullshit matters. Every song was disappointment after disappointment. I leave at one point to go smoke a ciggarette, I find a glowstick on my way back in. It is my neon chemical sword. I’m too slow to use it to fight off Green Man.


Timeline of the Hard Summer Tour

Getting ill


One Way Streets, The Fall of Rittenhouse, & Twee Pop

So Andy, Jules and I just got back from our adventure into Philly. Jesus do I hate driving in Philly, especially during rush hour. I may have turned the wrong way on a one way street, and we may have driven in some small circles, but now worries, we got to the Electric Factory’s box office with a whole 15 minutes to spare. These are the lengths to which I will go in order to avoid the robber-barons over at Ticketmaster and their outrageous “convenience” fees. Mother fuck Ticketmaster. But in the end I have my ticket and will be attending the Crystal Castles show with Rusko. I will be raving my face off and I hope you’ll be there too. Tickets still aren’t sold out (surprisingly) and it’s an all ages show, so there is no reason short of you having an aneurysm and dying face down in your oatmeal the morning of the show. But I digress.

There are in fact other shows going on around illy  Wednesday night. If you feel like George Dubbing it up and crossing the Delaware then you could go see Ke$ha and Rihanna at the Susquehanna Bank Center. If that’s not really your bag, then you could make your way to Rittenhouse and take in a pleasant  (and free!)evening with A Place To Bury Strangers. This is where I’d be going if I hadn’t got my Castles tix today.

You know what I find amusing? Last week’s free concert at Rittenhouse had the cops called to make sure the show ended very promptly because all the rich crotchety neighbors (guess what, you don’t live in the upper east side) complained about how much the guy in Gang cursed too much. So I really don’t know how well APTBS are going to fair, seeing as they’re one of the loudest bands on the east coast right now. Rittenhouse will crumble with a huge distorted wall of sound. I’m a little sad that I’ll miss that mayhem.

In music news, all of you twee lovers can rejoice, Belle & Sebastian have released details on their first studio album in 4 years. Yes, I do have a soft spot for Belle & Sebastian, so I’m kind of excited about this. B&S are responsible for two of my favorite albums while I was in high school: The Boy With The Arab Strap and If You’re Feeling Sinister. The new album is to be titled Belle & Sebastian Write About Love and is slated to drop October 12th in North America and on the 11th in “most other countries” according to front man Stuart Murdoch over at the bands website. The album cover was also released. See below.

That’s about what I’ve come to expect from Belle & Sebastian. I was really hype on this falls album releases before I read about this one, but it seems like the autumn months are just looking better and better. Here are some tracks to bump while you enjoy the rest of your Monday night. Peace!