The illest music


Kanye + Comics

There’s only one thing I love more than rap, and that’s comic books. I was pretty happy when I found those rap album/comic book cover mashups. This is even better. This is Kanye Plus Comics

Check it.



How’s it hanging on this rainy ass day folks? Can’t be that bad, at least it’s suspiciously semi-warm. Definitely not completely unpleasant to be out an about but it’s definitely setting off my spidey-senses. I feel a miserable snow storm coming soon.

But until then, how about some tunes? Won’t be much new shit today, just another smattering of songs which are populating the musical landscape of my day.


Tuesday Takeout

Let’s see what songs have been on my mind today, shall we? Some are old, some are new, and maybe some will piss you off.


Just because…

So since I’m already sitting here at my computer, I might as continue to blog right? Might as well talk about something that I’ve found amusing since I came on board this motherfucker.


Only Dubstep Saturdays #2

Been a while hasn’t it? Sorry we’ve been slacking. Can’t speak for Trev and Lars, since I’ve got no clue what they’re occupying their times with, but me, I’ve been sort of busy. Started up that internship at Philadelphia Weekly, it’s going amazingly. Been reading some comics. Bought Daria the complete collection so I’ve been working my way through that (and it really is fucking fantastic. I was not able to appreciate this show as a child the way I can now.)

But I’m back now because I love you all. Time for some Dubstep.


Only Dubstep Saturdays #1

It’s rull nice outside today, so why not go sit in a park and liquefy your eardrums with some filthy dubstep? I’ve got just the tracks to help you do that…

Marmite (Doctor P Remix)

Serial Killa ft. Beezy- Eddie K & Minus

Bonkers- Dizzee Rascal (Doorly Remix)


Your Easy Loving Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothing

Since Jules post (which was wonderfully written; that’s some damn fine journalism as well) left such a bad taste in my mouth, I decided that something that wasn’t heartbreaking and infuriating needed to be posted. So here’s a music video.

Say hello to Detroit born (it shows in the music, doesn’t it) and L.A. based singer/ producer Mayer Hawthorne, real name Andrew Mayer Cohen. I love this song. I love the video (it was shot all in one take) and I love all the pretty girls. Hope this song helps you guys forget about how much you want to go burn down Irving Azoff’s house. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!