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Kanye + Comics

There’s only one thing I love more than rap, and that’s comic books. I was pretty happy when I found those rap album/comic book cover mashups. This is even better. This is Kanye Plus Comics

Check it.


Out with the old in with the new? Possible new venue in the works.

This isn’t really news. It’s more like hearsay. And really, it’s just wild speculation, but fuck it, if it actually comes to fruition, I wanna be the one to say I called it first.

According to Phoodie (which is a great blog you should all read) Swift Half Pub has closed it doors. This isn’t really relevant…what is important, however, is the fact that Bryan Dilworth (the booker for the Electric Factory) has taken out a lease on the space and is supposedly going to debut a new concept there. Will it be a a new bar? A restaurant?

God willing it’s a concert venue (/bar) and given the fact that it’s being operated by the E-factory’s booker, perhaps we’ll finally start seeing some bigger acts in the city playing in a place that’s not the Electric Factory. Or the TLA.

When/If this comes to fruition, just remember I dropped the science on you first.


Is Witch House 2011’s Genre To Watch?

I named dropped Witch House a few months ago and since then I’ve been kind of hush-hush on the genre. Also known as drag, rape-gaze, crunk shoegaze, screwgaze and haunted house; Witch House is one of those genres I normally don’t come cross in my venturing for music around the net.

Witch House is an off-shoot of electronica with a more industrial bend. It’s inspired by DJ Screw as well as Goth favorites The Cure. It’s practitioners have said they’re inspired by sizzurp and salvia. That alone should let you know what you’re in for. It’s everything we used to like to dance to hollowed out and filled with opiates. It’s just all kind of ridiculous and new and fresh and I don’t know what the fuck to say about it that others haven’t already (which really, does ya’ll no good since you’re not reading those blogs, you’re reading this one, but I see know point in being excessively wordy)

It’s artist go by names like oOoOO and †‡†, Gr†ll Gr†ll and ///▲▲▲\\\

Yeah. I haven’t heard of the last two either, but those strange, symbol based monikers add to the mystique surrounding the genre. If any of you obsessively keep up with the minutiae of the news like I do, you’ll know a few months ago when MIA’s new album, /\/\/\Y/\, dropped, some were speculating that the typographic nature of it’s title led to it’s commercial failure because it’s pretty much impossible to Google.

Go ahead. Try it. Not a single god damned thing on the first page of those results relates to MIA (and I’m not saying this is why the album tanked – it tanked because it’s garbage) but that is a bit of interesting phenomena. It’s much the same with Witch House, google some, if not most of those names, you pull back jack shit.

Then there’s the fact that Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages featuring mixes (and whose comment sections will flourish with links to new things) will just up and vanish – sometimes they’ll last for a week, other times, hours – and we’ve got ourselves a genre that only seems to exist when people want it to. A true Ghost In The Machine (which also happens to be what called their piece on Witch House but fuck them)

Fuck it, enough talk. It’s too early and all I really wanted to do was share some of this stuff with you guys – here it is.

White Ring

†‡† – Story of Isaac
Story Of Isaac † † Haunted House MIX by Story of Isaac


Cosmotrpia De Xam’s blogspot which has a shitton of mixes.

If you feel like buying any of this stuff (I bet it’d sound fucking dope on vinyl) Disaro (one of the only two record companies that I know of signing artists and putting this stuff out) has a pretty nice site

I’m not gonna spoonfeed you guys this stuff. If you want it, click links and search around. And then share it with me.

Once again, big ups to Warren Ellis for putting me on to this stuff.

PS: Damn. I didn’t even realize this was the first post of the New Year. Good on me.

The Gorillaz new iPad produced album, “The Fall” has dropped!

Damon Albarn knows how to fucking deliver. He said we’d get the new iPad produced album by Christmas, and damn if it isn’t 20 minutes until Christmas and I’m streaming the motherfucker right now.

You can head over to the Gorillaz site and stream it right now…but you’ll have to do some registration bullshit. A download of the album is available to Gorillaz fanclub members right now but as Christmas gift to all of ya’ll, here’s the link.

Go crazy and Merry Christmas.

PS: I’ll review this jawn after Christmas festivities. Promise.

All You Get For Christmas Is Dubstep

Wanted to get a post in before I fell into my post-finals Winter-break coma. That post is just going to be dubstep. Enjoy.


Das Racist Detained & Deported In The UK

Well this just doesn’t make any god damn sense.

According to everyone’s favorite stoner rappers, Das Racist, they were detained at Gatwick airport in the UK, held for 8 hours, and then deported to Switzerland.

There’s really only one thing to say:

That’s racist.

Stop Me If You Think I’m Wrong

Today, I’m going to throw a bunch of shit at the wall. I’m going to say a bunch of things you might not agree with.

Today I’m going to talk about something a lot of music aficionados are quick to dismiss and deride. It’s something that I was raised on, it’s something that I believe in, it’s something I think we’ve lost and it’s something I think we need to reclaim because it’s an essential part of our shared culture.

Today I’m going to talk about Pop Music.