The illest music

Illuminati Music.


Seriously though, this song is a banger. Jay is still on his old man rap tip, which I guess can’t be avoided any longer (seriously, listen to how wheezy and tired his flow sounds) but this is still a, *ahem* “true radio banger”

Otherwise, sorry for the lack of music updates. Y’know how it is. Winterbreak was mad hectic and I’m getting adjusted to my new schedule (which features a banging Hip-Hop History class. Get like me.) buuut, it’s not like I’ve become deaf or anything. Here’s what I’ve been jamming to (other than the above)

Check it.

No, I never thought I’d be posting a Britney Spears song on the blog either, but god damn if this shit isn’t dubtastic. Listen to that drop and tell me you don’t here the grime all over it. This could possibly be the most mainstream dubstep song. Which is…well I dunno if it’s sad or not. Either way, this track is produced pretty tightly (the less said about the lyrical content the better, but I will give to B, she always comes through on the hooks)

Well will you look at that? Looks like they weren’t just one hit wonders. Ryan Tedder seems like a worse version of whoever that dude was Jay-Z had on mad hooks his last album, but whatever.

A little late to the party on this one but…god damn Lupe dropped a banger. I almost want to take back all the bad things I’ve been saying about him since he went and got all bitch-made. Sort of.

Just got put on to Fol Chen, and I fucks with them hardcore. Kind of reminds me of huskier/jazzier/poppier Sara Bareilles, which you’d think would be terrible, but it isn’t it. It’s just catchy enough not to piss you off.

I’m not gonna say anything about this song, just listen to it. It really might be Rihanna’s best jam yet, if only for the absurdity of the hook. J. Cole’s verse is aight, too.

Change of pace from the other songs, yeah, but I like it. Sounds like a less shitty Vampire Weekend.

Song’s been stuck in my head all week.

You’re retarded if you don’t download the Ground Up mixtape. Y’know what? Shit, I’m post that motherfucker too. In another post though. I stay tryna scam google analytics.

Finally jumping on the Wiz Khalifa bandwagon. It’s good listening man, dunno why I slacked for so long.

And of course we’ve got some dubstep for ya’ll. Cop the DL over at P&P and than them for putting me on to this jam.

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