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Eating My Words – REVIEW: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday

Aight, Cass & Marv. I said I’d give Nick Minaj’s debut, Pink Friday, and I did so, begrudgingly. I mean, i could’ve been listening to a real banger like Redman’s new ish, Reggie, which just dropped today.

But nope, I decided to give it a listen so I could slam it and silence ya’ll.

(Un?)Fortunately I don’t have much to slam.

This battle over the status of Nicki Minaj was all spring up by this scathing review over at Phawker of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. His opinion on just about everything is wrong, but I did agree with his statement that

Nicki Minaj’s rhymes follow a very simple pattern, “Rabble rabble, British rabble, Jamaican rabble, rabble rabble, growling rabble.”

And to a certain extent, a large part of Nicki Minaj’s perceived appeal is the way she can switch her rabb-*ahem* flow. When she first appeared on the scene I predicted that she was pretty much just a one-trick pony and that her bit would get old pretty quickly. I’m not going to say I was wrong about that, but I think Nicki was smart enough to figure out for herself the same thing – quite possibly the reason she pushed back her debut, scrapped all her material and recorded what’s being presented on the recently released Pink Friday.

And it’s…it’s bearable, it say the least. Listenable to say more. Shows signs of talent, to say the most.

Lyrically, Nicki isn’t anything spectacular, and don’t get it twisted, I don’t mean that as an insult. You can listen to the radio for two hours and not hear anything spectacular, but she keeps it amusing, which I’d say is the very least you can expect from a rapper nowadays.

Most would say Nicki’s strength lies in what I’d say is her most annoying feature, her spastic flow which jumps between a Queen’s accent, a British one and a Jamaican patois, but really, going through her album, the best tracks are the ones in which she showcases her R&B skills.

That coupled with some a couple of nice collaborations and banging production –

– makes for a pretty listenable album.

But more than anything else, it puts Nicki up there on that list of artists to watch. I’m still dubious of her staying power, the industry has never been good to female rappers, but considering she’s made history, twice, that apprehension of mine just might leftover from the haterade I was sippin’ on.

Here’s to you Nicki. Hopefully you pave the way for more female rappers. God knows the game needs some fucking life injected into it.

PS: I’m mad as fuck Massive Attack wasn’t on her disc. That track is a banger.

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