The illest music


How’s it hanging on this rainy ass day folks? Can’t be that bad, at least it’s suspiciously semi-warm. Definitely not completely unpleasant to be out an about but it’s definitely setting off my spidey-senses. I feel a miserable snow storm coming soon.

But until then, how about some tunes? Won’t be much new shit today, just another smattering of songs which are populating the musical landscape of my day.

First up is a true dance-pop banger of remix (by a Japanese producer at that!) One of the things that’s always irritated me about how the American musical scene is how insular it is. Our friends in the UK (hell, just about everywhere else in the world) have been getting to fuck with Kylie Minogue for more than a decade. Not like she’s the be-all, end-all of pop music, but this is just one of many great remixes I’ve seen of one of her tracks.

It’s total nonsense that they (international peeps) get to hear all of our popular music and still have their own scenes.

Head over to Too Many Sebastians if you want a dl for this track.

Next up is a pair of covers, the first by Lily Allen, doing a darling cover of The Pretender’s “It’s Not Fair” as well as John Legend & The Roots doing The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.”

Love the original and I love this cover. Actually, I’m a pretty big fan of anything (covers included) Lily Allen does. She just apart of this great wave of female acts that came out of the UK a couple of years ago (which included Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone) who have all, for various reasons, stopped recording. At least with Lily it’s because she wanted to focus on other things, Amy and Joss just lost their shit. Heroin is a helluva drug.

You know what? Before we get to that Arcade Fire cover, I’m gonna hit you with another Lily Allen cover/reworking. Of a 50 Cent song.

And now I’m trying really hard to not post Lily’s cover of ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” Sorry folks, every once in a while I’ll just play one Lily Allen song and then just listen to her whole catalog and just have a great big wank-fest over her.

I was gonna add the audio file of this cover, but WordPress is being a bastard so I’ve got not choice but to send you over to Tale of the Tape to check on this tremendous cover. John Legend + The Roots might just be one of the best collabs to ever happen in music (at least in recent years)

Next we’ve got some dubstep (because you know I love it oh so much.) Check out these two remixes KRUSHA has done of some Metric songs for a remix contest. They’re pretty dope and mad atmospheric, a quality more dub should have.

METRIC – Front Row (KRUSHA Remix) [RMX Competition, Link Inside] by krusha

METRIC – Help I’m Alive (KRUSHA Remix) [RMX Competition, Link Inside] by krusha

If you like them, you should vote for them here

Big ups to West La CNCT for putting me on to those tracks.

Now I’m gonna show Yeezy some love. Some girl in the elevator with me was listening to this and the haunting chorus was just blaring out of her headphones. Dark Fantasy is definitely one of the better tracks on his latest disc (but they’re all great, honestly)

Next is a remix to a B.O.B. track called “Fuck The Money” The original featured Asher Roth and despite having some banging Kanye production, suffered because of it. The removal of said wackness and the addition of everyone’s favorite stoner rapper, Wiz Khalifa, definitely makes a track worth bumping.

Showing lover to another rapper, the recently free Lil Wayne. Check out the remix to “Fire Flames” which features his first official verse since his release from jail. It goes pretty hard.

And last but not least is a video from a songstress I recently discovered, Eliza Doolittle. I’m sorry, I’ve got a weird thing for British songstresses.

Ah fuck it, here’s a bonus track from Mutya Beuna and Amy Winehouse.

Wasn’t that just lovely?

And just to break up the monotony a bit, another bonus track, courtesy of British hip-hop group, N-Dubz.

Something about that shit just works for me, hope it works for ya’ll too. Be easy.


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