The illest music

Tuesday Takeout

Let’s see what songs have been on my mind today, shall we? Some are old, some are new, and maybe some will piss you off.

New music first. The new Deadmau5 album, 4×4=12 leaked, and while I wish I could post it here for you guys, I’ll share a jam off it I’ve been enjoying – A City In Florida

Next two songs are ones I’ve been put on to since I started listening to WXPN, UPenn’s radio station – I station I admit I only added to my presets because B101 won’t stop playing Christmas music. Don’t judge me.

Speaking of WXPN, last Monday they ran a programming block they’ve named he Songs In The Key of Philly featuring an ecclectic blend of some of the best hip-hop, rock, pop, funk, jazz and soul to come out of the city. Give it a listen. It’s your duty to rep the illadelph. At least check out the playlist, it’s pretty dope.

Illuminati anthem:

Showing Cee Lo some love since his album is dope.

The world needs more blues

I just found out this song existed

And the world needs more Lily Allen. She needs to start recording again.

And I really want some chinese food.

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