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Tuesday’s Takeout

Well it’s another dreary day in the illadelph. Winter is rolling through, so not only is the concert season coming to an end but we’re starting to really get shat on by that terrible Pennsylvania weather.

I don’t like waking up with the world all wet, especially not after a night of really effed dreams. I can’t help but feel like there’s a correlation.

Yes. I am that self-centered.

Whatever, I’m not gonna bore you with my egotism, unlike yesterday, where I just threw words at you, today, I’ve got some jams (and various other goodies.)

First off I’d like to throw props out to Phrequency, which is probably the most respectable music blog based in our fair city. They did a great post about new street art popping around Old City and NoLibs. This is great, actual man on the street journalism (which we just don’t have much of anymore) and some of the ish is actually pretty dope. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it next time I venture about that area (if it’s still there in the Spring, the hell do I look like walking around in this barely inconvenient weather)

There’s a new dance party starting up at The Barbary, Roulette launching this Thursday which you should def check out if you’re not chronologically challenged like some of us. Any party with free PBR is a good party, especially in the wake of Four Loko’s demise.

Now, for the jams (and jam related discussions)

First up we’ve got a banger of a remix by Bakija. It’s the wonderful track “I Need A Dollar” by the awesome Aloe Blacc (who’s doing a World Cafe Live show this Saturday) with some Wu-Tang flavor.

Next up we’ve got Chromeo’s new single, “Hot Mess” featuring Elly Jackson of La Roux. Glad to see homegirl is getting around, she’s also (for those of you who’ve been slacking and not checking it out) featured on the ballin posse track off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, “All of the Lights”

Girl Talk dropped a new album yesterday. I’m not gonna link to it because it was only available online for free yesterday (but if you’ve got half a brain you should be able to find it.) Also – I fucking hate Girl Talk. Oh, and Trev said it sucks (which I figured it would)

Up and coming emcee, J. Cole, has dropped a new mixtape, Friday Night Lights which you can cop at the link. Haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet, still too busy bumping Yeezy’s disc, but def check it out if you get the chance. This dude pretty much blows away every fool who’s picked up a mic in the last four years.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks from his older mixtape, “Higher.”

Here’s a new collab by Crystal Castles and Robert Smith called “Not In Love”
Somehow this track completely slipped by me when it first dropped but I heard it on the radio on the way to work and fucked with it a little bit.

Oh, and before I forget (meant to share this jawn yesterday) here’s a new track from the motherfucking King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself and Akon, which is gonna on Michael’s posthumous album.

Saw over at XXL that Jay-Z was talking some ish about “The Takeover” being a better diss record than Nas’ “Ether,” I’ll let ya’ll decide.

Apparently Jay Electronica has signed to Roc Nation, which had Diddy all sorts of pissed off. Fuck whatever noise he’s talking about. I’m not an Electronica fan (I personally think he falls too much in that genre of hip-hop that sacrifices style for substance to the point of being fucking boring) but I can see why he did what he did. Diddy’s got a terrible track record of signing artists and leaving them shelved. At least with Roc Nation, regardless if he winds up blowing up or making money, the whip-holders at LiveNation will put dude to work.

Jay Electronica – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace (ft. Diddy)

And to round it all out, here’s the new video for Young Chris’ “Philly Shit”

Oh, and to really round it all out, here’s a review of Saigon’s “Greatest Story Never Told” the rap album no one ever thought would see the light of day. I’m still doubtful.

PS: I love the fact that my Dark Twisted Fantasy review is bringing in a steady stream of viewers to the site everyday (it’s on the second page of google hits) I doubt many of these peeps are gonna be return customers, but hey, motherfuckers, if you don’t read any other music blogs, you might as well read this one.


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