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Taking Down The Poison Dwarf: The Battle Against Ticketmaster

In 2008, Ticketmaster had made veteran industry shark Irving Azoff—a man so cutthroat (and so short) he is known as the Poison Dwarf—its CEO. Manager of the Eagles since the mid-’70s, Azoff is famously aggressive. He once sent a gift-wrapped boa constrictor to a manager whose wife he considered snakelike, with a note that read “Now you have two!”

Isn’t that some shit? Not only is Ticketmaster evil, they’re run by someone evil too…but this isn’t about me just harping on them for no reason.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one out there who loathes Ticketmaster and they’re monopoly.

Check out that post over at Wired if you want a scoop on some of the startups popping up to try and spread some of the wealth around. There are some interesting bits, including:

Seth Hurwitz…become so concerned about Live Nation’s power that he’s filed a suit alleging that Live Nation Entertainment constitutes an illegal monopoly in the concert industry (the case is pending).

Definitely would like to keep updated on that.

Not much more to say on the Wired article, seeing as the site is all about tech, the article takes a much geekier leaning than I could give a damn about (it gets into some crap about data mining and other blah blah) but sometimes ya’ll need to remember, we at the illadelph aren’t just about sick tunes and raging at shows.

We’re also very much some sourpuss, hate-filled motherfuckers.

And we hate you, Ticketmaster.

We hate you so much.


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