The illest music

Tuesday Roundup: Dubstastrophes, Bro-step, Kid Shitty & Once-In-A-Lifetime Oppurtunities

What’s really ill? Just chilling at work (once again) devoid of things to fact-check, so I thought I might hit ya’ll with a little something-something.

First and foremost, here’s some alarming ass news I caught last night while passing out during Conan and checking twitter on my phone. It seems that the car and home of illadelph Experiment favorite dubstep DJ, Rusko have burnt to a god damn crisp.

Thankfully, he was notified in time and was able to get home and save his hard drive. A true Dubstastrophe was avoided.

Speaking of other dubstep derivative terms, if you bothered to check out the source for this Rusko update, you’ll notice that apparently Rusko has been lumped into a subgenre of dubstep being reffered to affectionately (or maybe derisively, I dunno) as “bro-step.” It’s even got a couple of Urban Dictionary entries.

Not really sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I know mad bro-y peeps who love Rusko (shout out to my boy Brobama!) on the otherhand…where the fuck did that term originate from? My journalistic mission of the week is to investigate that ish.

Random funny – thing I searched twitter for Dubstepper (I was trying to get at the Dubstepper feed, which you should all follow if you need a constant diet of wubs and wobbles and this was one of the results:

De ware dubstepper eet alleen maar whop-whop-whoppers en kijkt graag naar Wizzy & Whop-whop-whoppie…

Moving on.

Kid Cudi’s new album, Man On The Moon II: Legend of Mr. Rager, dropped this week. It’s a hot mess. This is the only good song:

I’ll probably do a full review of it at some point this week…but only after I listen to a bunch of better shit, like the Cee-lo album which dropped in like August that I just slacked on. Also need to listen to the new N.E.R.D.

Some breaking concert news which I, Trev (and probably that bastard Lars) are pretty excited about – the motherfucking Wu-Tang Clan is doing a show at the Trocadero on December 30th. Tickets are 40 bucks and even though I have 15 dollars in my bank account right now (not really sure how the fuck that happened) I am going to get a ticket and I will be at that show.

Know why? This isn’t one of those things where I’m like “I might not get that many chances to see the Wu in my life, can’t miss this one,” nah, it’s more like “How many more chances am I gonna get to see the Wu while all the still living original members are still alive?”

I imagine Raekown will be the first to go. Ideally, it’d be RZA. Not that I have beef with RZA or anything, but we all know that crack-addled fool is part of the reason the last Wu album was surrounded with drama (like the ousting of Ghostface) and while Meth, Ghost and Rae went and did their own thing with that disc they dropped. If RZA dropped dead, it’s highly possibly we’d get a cohesive Wu-Tang album…production quality would be up in the air. He produced their last album pretty well, but it was obvious there was no one in the booth telling him “No”

That’s a real fucked up little digression I just went on isn’t it?

May the ghost of ODB forgive me.

Be easy, ya’ll


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