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Afternoon Delight: 47 Seconds of the future, UGK town, Dubstep.

Just found out about this over at Pigeons and Planes. It’s from a track on the new Big Mike mixtape. Gotta give Weezy props for timing out the release of his material so it doesn’t seem like he was gone at all. He’s gonna make a big splash when he’s home in November.

Cascade – Lil’ Wayne

Check out the rest of what I’ve got for you this b-e-a-utiful afternoon after the cut.

I’m sure there are some folks out there who really love UGK and really hate Drake, but I’m asking that these people put that hate away just for a few moments. Honestly, you’d expect the real focus of this part of the post to be about the fact that there’s a new Pimp C (off his upcoming Posthumous release The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones) but I really think this might track might be my favorite Drake verse ever. For reals.

Check this shit out.

What Up – Pimp C (ft. Drake & Bun B)

Props to Pitckfork for putting me on to this.

Last but not least, is an oldie I found via Music-mashs Blog via Hypem. Any dubsteppers out there should enjoy this infectious new take on the Dead Prez classic (complete with new vocals by Dead Prez)

Sorry for only bringing you guys mostly mainstream ish lately. Don’t worry, I’ll hit you with some underground later, promise. We gon’ talk about Nerdcore. Oh, also, The Incomparable Shakespeare.

EDIT: I find it fucking hilarious that the two possibly related posts WordPress attached to this were the same Twilight Fanfic.

I think I might read them just to punish myself.

One response

  1. trzumpano

    That Dead Prez song really does lend itself well to a dubstep make over

    August 27, 2010 at 11:56 PM

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