The illest music

New Music Barrage 2 of 3

I could just as easily of put all this new music into one long post, but I felt that it was more appropriate if I grouped them together in their own posts. This one is solely dedicated to Sufjan Stevens and the new EP he just released on the internets like an hour ago. All Delighted People is what it’s called. It’s 8 songs that sprawl across 60 minutes. I never was a huge Sufjan fan, I appreciate what he did on Illinois, but a lot of his lyrical indie-pop just sounds the same to me. I know a lot of people do like him though, and what I’ve listened to of the EP so far isn’t bad at all. The title track is a sweeping epic that spans emotional tones.

You can buy the entire EP for a mere 5 dollars over at Sufan’s bandcamp page, or you can stream it in it’s entirety bellow. Enjoy all of the new music!


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