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New Music Barrage 1 of 3

I’m still recovering from the Crystal Castles show. I’ve come to realize that my muscles (especially the ones in my neck and knees) are not used to the kind of raving that Hard Fest demanded of me. That’s alright though because it was totally worth the discomfort I’m experiencing now, and I’ll be better prepared for next time something like that rolls through Philly. There’s not much I can say that Jules or Andy didn’t already cover in their write-ups, so I’m not really gonna get into it.

It’s Friday. Normally I’d want to play something to get you hype about it being the end of the work week and time to party for a few days. But I’m still all partied out. I just want to chill out for the rest of my summer. I’ll have to do plenty of partying next week when I start school again.

So here are some tracks that came out recently that I feel we can ride out the rest of this summer on together.

A kind of bittersweet song from the twangy indie/surf group Real Estate. “Out Of Time” is their new single and is set to drop October 12th. It’s a nice, pretty little song that about sums up how I’m feeling now that summer’s coming to a close.

Next up is an 80’s song given a chillwave makeover. Experimental psych act Golden Ages took on Toto’s 1983 #1 hit “Africa” and released it with two other songs as The Africa EP. The song becomes a distorted mass of synth washes, hard hitting beats, and buried vocals. A great remake of a song that  is a little dated. Here’s the whole EP:

The original by Toto:



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