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Album Art Phreak Out No. 1

I was downloading music tonight and just browsing through my itunes library when for some reason I got engrossed in album covers. I only have covers for maybe a quarter of the songs in my library, leaving about 5,ooo naked tracks. That never really bothered me before, it’s just so tedious to get the album art for all those songs when you don’t have an itunes store account. I don’t know why I don’t have one, I guess I just never got around to it.

But tonight I decided to take a stand against the unkempt nature of my library! There’s no way I’m gonna be able to get them all in one night, but I figured if I space it out and do a handful every other night or so, things would start to come together nicely in an ok amount of time. Then I got to thinking that somehow I could tie this random burst of obsessive compulsion into the blog. So I am happily introducing  a new (bi-weekly?)  feature on The Illadelph Experiment called “Album Art Phreak out”, wherein I will write  a little about and post tracks from albums I discover (or remember) have really sweet cover art. I figured this would be an interesting way to talk about some albums that I otherwise might not get to touch on, but are fantastic nonetheless. So with no further ado, heres the first installment of “Album Art Phreak Out”!

I defy you to find an album that has a cover even approaching this in sheer awesome.

I don’t actually have that Big Bear album (though Beitcher does because we made him download it, and he also has a thing for bears) but it is pretty amazing.

But yeah, covers I actually got for my library.

I’ve known abut Fang Island for a few months now, but I don’t think I’d ever seen the album cover for their first and only self titled LP until tonight. Fang Island make very anthemic and intricate instrumental punk/math rock.The songs soar, but are don’t get too above or heads that are banging along with them.Their album cover is pretty fucking cool. I like old pictures. I like playing make believe. And I like crazy (and possibly dangerous) costumes. This his cover has all of those things awesomely collected.

Another discovery I had was when I went to get artwork for the several Del Tha Funkee Homosapien albums I have. The cover for Both Sides of the Brain struck me the most out of all the others (though I do love the colors and picture on No Need for Alarm) It’s  simple, but it get’s the point across.

A lot of  Hip Hop record covers suffer from over hyping themselves on the front of the record. I understand that that’s a part of hip hop, and don’t get me wrong, I do love hyping myself up like I’m the greaterst motherfucker on the planet every now and then, but when it gets to the point of every album looking pretty much exactly the same for the sake of your ego, I start to care just a little less about whats on the record. (Whatever, I’m  kind of judging a book by it’s cover)

This Del album is engaging though understated, while still featuring the rapper himself. Also, I just think that Del is one of the coolest fucking people alive.

And as for this last one, well, who hasn’t wanted to take a shotgun out of an actual shotgun?

That’s The Radio Dept.’s Clinging To A Scheme. It’s a really fun dreamy, poppy album from the Swedish indie vets.

Well that’s all the covers I have for now, but there are plenty more out there,and if you know  some album art that’s bonkers or just really neat, drop me a line and I’ll make sure it finds it’s way into a future post.



2 responses

  1. Jay Galette

    The thing I love most about my mac (and there’s probably a way to do it on windows too) is that I can have all my album arts become a collage for my screen saver.

    I always wind up seeing some ish that I’ve forgotten about and then I’ll start bumping it again.

    August 17, 2010 at 10:12 PM

  2. wallernotweller

    my take on Fang Island:

    August 18, 2010 at 2:44 AM

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