The illest music

Tasty Of Montreal Tracks Courtesy of Waffles.FM

So I don’t have a whole lot to say tonight, I’m still kind of out of it from last night’s party, which was pretty dope. At the party I got to talking to some kid I went to highschool with about Bonnaroo and music in general. He eventually steered the conversation in the direction of a website I’d never heard of before, Waffles.Fm. Cleverly disguised as a recipe wiki, the site requires an invite in order to make a profile and join the ranks of this secretive torrent sharing website. He hyped the site up so much that when he offered me an invite I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to have another site to check out when demonoid fails me. So I got all see up earlier this evening and started browsing the massive archives of seemingly anything I could ever want. I knew that this Waffles.FM site is a keeper when I found a great quality copy of Of Montreal’s yet to be released False Priest. It’s pretty good so far, I’m like 8 songs into it so far and I am enjoying it. It’s pretty much what you’d come to expect from Kevin Barnes and co by now; this kind of consistency is definitely appreciated, especially when it’s associated with the high quality music that Of Montreal has been producing for so long now. Be sure to grab yourselves a cop of False Priest when it drops September 14th. In the meantime, here are some songs that you may not have heard from the  new album yet and an unfortunately muddled version of “Sex Karma.”


Of Montreal- Like A Tourist

Of Montreal- Around The Way


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