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Chocolatey Socrates & Other Hip-Hop Oddities

Random things:
Don’t give stupid, drunk people you don’t know psychedelics. Please. Lars and Trev are lucky bastards for not having to deal with that mess on ice. Still, party was pretty fun.

I went to the Hard Rock Cafe last night (pre-gaming for the party, I guess) and met with an old friend of my older brother, Duce Blunt. He’s Public Enemies bus driver.

Tequila and Tonics are only good when I make them.

There’s no reason to smoke a pack and a half of Newports in a night.

Blogworthy things:

Some of my favorite artists (Weezy, Cud & Kanye) all decided to drop new singles this week. Here’s the rundown:

Right Above It – Lil Wayne (ft. Drake)
Weezy Dreezy

As my little brother described it, this song is just a true fucking radio banger. And it doesn’t even matter whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you cannot deny that this song is going to be a hit. The production is just bombastic, the kind of thing we expect to see Weezy drop by this point (although I wonder how his output will change when he gets out of prison and is presumably no longer hooked on sizzurp). It reminds me of a more amped up version of the beat behind “We Be Steady Mobbin.”

I won’t say Drake outshined Wayne on this track (because it’s not true) but he did a good job keeping up, keeping up that So Far Gone quality that was missing from his recent album. I really wanted to give him props for best for best line with “Don’t like my women single, I like my chicks in twos” until I heard Weezy drop the amusing “Guns turn уου boys іntο pussies, sex change.” Weezy brings the kind of quality we expect from him in his verses, but I think it’s his half-sung chorus where he really shines. Had there been more of this sound on Rebirth it could’ve been something worth listening to.

Right Above It

Wylin Cause I’m Young – Kid Cudi (ft. Kanye West)

I got really excited when I saw that a new Cudi song from had made it’s way online. Then I listened to it and was just disappointed It’s not a terrible song by any means but the the hook is fucking annoying. Really glad this isn’t going to be on Cudi’s second album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. It’s weird because I think if I listened to this song last year, I probably would’ve liked it more. Cudi’s whole ‘Emo Stoner’ thing has kind of worn thin on me. We get it: You’re young, talented, successful and you do dumb shit.

Tonally, I’d like to see Cudi stay in the same place he was in on his last song with Kanye, the recently dropped “Erase Me.”

Wylin Cause I’m Young

See Me Now – Kanye West (ft. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson)

Holy Shit. This song is simply amazing. We haven’t really heard anything spectacular from Kanye in a while (“Power” was amusing) but this song is a true return to form. When it comes to Kanye West, I’ve always held a pretty unpopular opinion: I’ve always ranked his albums as being College Dropout > 808s & Heartbreak > Graduation > Late Registration. My justification has always been that Dropout is his best produced album and has his some of his best songs, 808s gets second because it’s the only album produced equally as well.

It’s taken me a long time to realize this but I think I only rank CD as number one is because it’s one of my favorite discs of all time. I mean, shit, I’ve continually bumped that motherfucker since it came out when I was in 8th grade. 8th. Grade. I’m gonna love that album forever but I’ve got to start facing the facts. Graduation really is the best Kanye album, it’s pretty much him mastering what he laid out for us in College Dropout. There was a departure from that on 808s (which I will still keep at #2) but on this, it’s above he’s going back to that place he was at on Graduation and improving it drastically.

Random thoughts related to this song:

1. “I’m Socrates but my skin more choclatey” might be one of the best lines of all time.
2. Who the fuck is Charlie Wilson?
3. Beyonce says “niggas” in this song, which kind of threw me off.
4. Kanye’s new album will be called Dark Twisted Fantasy rather than Good Ass Job. Makes me wonder if we won’t see an amalgamation of Graduation and 808s thematically.
5. The cover to the single looks a fusion of Kanye West and Amber Rose.
6. Sometimes I forget Beyonce is an amazing singer.

See Me Now

Rose Red (Remix) – Meek Mill (ft. T.I., Vado & Rick Ross)

I’m only really covering this song because Meek Mill is a local artist and I feel like I should support him. I mean, I normally hate Rose Red, because there was a point when I was going through a lot of bullshit and Power 99 would play it on the hour, every fucking hour. It didn’t help. Then there’s the fact that Milly somehow managed to T.I., Vado and Rick Ross on a track. Dude’s blowing up a little bit, or maybe he just came into some money.

Who knows.

Rose Red (Remix)

– Jules

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