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Back In The Swing Of Things

It had been a while since something had been posted up here; the homepage was starting to collect cobwebs, but now it seems that we’re back in the swing of things with Andy making two fine posts followed by  my half-assed post here and hopefully a review or something from Jules in the near future. That is if he stops slacking. Though that’s not fair, we’ve all been slackin’ pretty hard as of late. Well let’s try to fix that and get some sort of dialogue or something going. Post some comments if you actually read this thing and tell us what you think of the stuff we’re talking about, or tell us what you want us to talk about. Tell me some shit to listen to, I always want to listen to new music! So here’s the deal, you guys start chatting us up and we’ll keep providing the free tunes (don’t fret though if you don’t post anything, we’ll still keep the crunchy grooves coming regardless, we would just like to hear some opinions that aren’t are own for a bit).

I don’t have anything new to review right now because, well, nothing even remotely interesting has really come out since the Arcade Fire album, which if you haven’t heard already, hit the top of the Billboard charts this week, dethroning that disappointing (don’t tear my head off) Eminem album. But yea, since then I haven’t really found anything that I felt compelled to do a review of, mostly due to an unfortunate combination of laziness and pickiness. The Teen Daze EP Four More Years did come out earlier this week, but I’ve been having a bitch of a time locating it a torrent or mediafire of it. (If you have it: Tryna hook me up? I’m sure I’ve got something you’d like to have) Teen Daze is real sweet if you like any of the Chillwave stuff that’s been going around this year (I fucking love it, and will have a post dedicated solely to why  Chillwave  is so sweet sometime this weekend). BUt yea, its kinda slow right now as far as new albums being released goes. Next week doesn’t look very promising either, though something might be a pleasant surprise so who knows. Looks like we may have to start getting more creative with some posts for the next few weeks.

Ok so, free music? Yea, well lately I’ve still been stuck  in a pretty intense instrumental hip-hop phase, I just can’t help myself, I’ve got an aural fixation with chill-ass beats. Lately I’ve been spinning the likes of Emancipator, Blue Sky Black Death, throwback love to J Dilla, Pretty Lights and Metaform. I fucking love Metaform. Metaform is Justice Aaron, an L.A. born and Tokyo based producer/ songwriter who has two album out. His first was released in 2008, titled Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, a dope ass trip-hop album composed entirely of samples that Metaform chose and crafted into a legendary instrumental album. The beginning of July saw the release of his second album, The Electric Mist. It’s such an appropriate title really. The album is heavy on the electronics, especially with all of the autotuning done on the vocals it feels like I’m being sung to by a lovesick android submerged in a murky pond. And that’s just fine with me. This album is just out there enough, blending aspects of hip-hop, pop, electro and psychadelic, to allow for all of it’s idiosyncrasies to enhance and not remove from the music as a whole. The Electric Mist isn’t by any means a banger, but it is intoxicating and exciting in its own way;  it’s a great album to chill out to on these hazy, humid summer nights. Here’s some tracks for everyone to chill to.

oh yea, PS, to anyone reading this post close to when I put it up, the lo-fi freak folk “band” Phosphorescent is playing a free, all ages (woot!) show at Rittenhouse square at 7 tonight. Jules and I (and possibly Andy) will be down there having a good time and repping the experiment. Check it out!

Metaform- Candy


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