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Acquire Curren$y, have sexual relations with women

Sorry for the time between posts. I’ve been making my way through a couple albums and trying to figure out which I should write

Curren$y’s Pilot Talk, released under Damon Dash’s label BluRoc Records (Curren$y’s first major label album) and produced almost exclusively by Ski Beatz (the genius behind Jay-Z’s excellent album Reasonable Doubt).

Let me just say this as a preface: if you aren’t down with smoking the reefer, you may not like this album as much as those of us who do. This is a slow moving creation, not hasty in what it tries to accomplish which seems to be a smokers dream, especially in the heat of the summer. It starts off with a very solid track in “Audio Dope II”. I imagine listening to this track in a smoke filled room, passing a lit blunt around. The bass is heavy and filling while the lyrics are slow rolling and almost without pause, a style I like on tracks like this. The next song, “King Kong” is, in my opinion, the weakest on the album so I won’t spend time talking about it. “Skybourne” featuring Smoke DZA and Big K.R.I.T is another dope track with a relaxed beat and bass. The flow is a little more aggressive, but it suits the song well. My favorite track, though, has to be “The Day” featuring Jay Electronica and Mos Def (Jay absolutely destroys his verse). This song has an entertaining beat, good rhymes, and bomb-ass collaborations. It’s an upbeat track in a fairly subdued album and is refreshing.

Pilot Talk is an album I’d throw on while lounging around my room. Its slow bass, rhythmic and continuous flow and good collaborations craft a very solid album with very few songs that will leave you dissatisfied, transitioning between songs well and keeping the general vibe of the album true. As Curren$y’s major debut (he has a shit load of mixtapes out), I’d have to say it’s very successful in making a decent summer album. This album will go on my lazy summer day playlist with the likes of Jurrasic 5, The Roots and Atmosphere.

Honestly, the whole album grows on me the more I listen to it, I only wish I were sparking up a little weed whenever I listen to it. If you enjoy getting high, try getting high to Pilot Talk, relax, and enjoy these hazy days before autumn takes ’em away.



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