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“Philly’s Getting Cool” – Some shorty from my English class

Sometimes, just sometimes, I can put away my nearly crippling prejudices, even my misogyny (but never my racism) and give credit where credit is due. Today before class I was speaking to the titular shorty about how I spotted her across the crowd while at this weekend’s 3rd annual Mad Decent Block Party (and was far too obliterated to try and hold a conversation with her) and eventually our conversation veered towards the changing social atmosphere of Philadelphia which was when she made her insightful comment and she’s right: Philly is getting cool, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we’e awesome.

I could go on a long rant about the evils of the white man and how all this cultural growth is merely a symptom of the intense gentrification efforts being undertaken by the city…but I don’t really give that much of a shit. Whining about societal injustice on the internet has never done a damn thing and it’s not like I’m not benefitting from this.

For one thing, I absolutely love Hipster girls; they’re my fucking kryptonite.

My heart’s all a flutter and shit just looking at this picture.

And then there’s the fact that I love live music, which Philly has been doing a pretty decent job of providing as of late. Are there some issues with the scene here? Of course there are. The biggest issue with the Philly music scene at the moment is that it doesn’t do the best job of spanning genres.

We get a pretty decent selection of mainstream and indie (and I use indie in the loosest sense) artists performing in the city, but obviously there’s some areas where the city is slacking. There’s hardly any publicity for shows thrown by smaller, local bands, and then there’s the big question: Where the fuck is the live hip-hop?

I remember a couple of years ago when I couldn’t go five minutes without seem some new youtube of some new Philly rapper spitting some fire. Or that fucking hilarious video of Joey Jihad getting his domepiece rocked. That just doesn’t happen anymore. There are still artists, plenty of them, but the scene seems to have become incredibly insulted. It’s like now only the rappers know who the other hot rappers are, which doesn’t do a damn bit of good for the buzz generating public, since, well, we’ve got no one to generate buzz for.

No offense to my motherfucker Diplo, but not only do I find it slightly disturbing that he’s probably the most famous rap/hip-hop involved act to come out of Philly in the last few years, but then there’s the fact that he’s probably more famous in Asia than he is right here in Illadelphia. 3000 kids went to his show in Jakarta. When I saw him in June at the Starlight ballroom there were maybe, what, 300 people? That’s some bullshit.

Shit, even worse is that pretty soon fucking Chiddy Bang is going to be the most recognizable rap act from Philly. Fucking. Chiddy. Bang.

I personally blame it all on the lack of venues that would be willing to cater to the type of audience local hip-hop acts would bring in as well as a general change in hip-hop culture which I think had led to a whole new generation of artists who don’t even have it in them to perform live.

The lack of new media covering the music scene is also to blame, not just in regards to rap, but to all genres. There are something like fifty blogs covering the music scene solely in Brooklyn, not New York, just fucking Brooklyn – we’re better than Brooklyn, Philly, I swear we are.

I’m putting it on all of you out there to make a change. Go to the R5 Productions site and buy some tickets. Check out Philly Concert Hub instead of wasting time on Hypem. Go to a random show at the fucking Church if you haven’t got shit to do some night this week.

Hell, even easier than all of that. Know someone in a band? Know a rapper? Know a producer? Email me their shit and I’ll whore it out shamelessly. We’ve got to stick together Philly. If we don’t give a shit about each other, how can we expect anyone else to?

So, yeah, I’m Jay Galette. Homie to Trev and Andy. Resident token black guy. The escalator, Baby Boss, aka Lt. MNJ himself.

You’ll get sick of me soon enough.

Now, the only thing from Philly worth whoring out at the moment: Major Lazer.


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