The illest music

A Day of New Beginnings

Here’s a little story about what happened to me earlier this afternoon in lieu of an actual review or something useful. Full review either later tonight or tomorrow for sure so stay tuned.

So today I found out that it’s possible to reset your “listens” on accounts. I decided to go ahead and do that because I haven’t used my account in more than a year and what I’m listening to right now isn’t anywhere close to what I was listening to when I was a freshman (Way too much synth and indie pop like the magnetic fields and the postal service).  So I guess I just decided it was time to start my playcount anew. The reset went off without a hitch, but then I saw that my tags hadn’t reset along with my listens. So I went to reset those two but I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing and accidentally nuked my whole profile. Yeah, kind of a bummer. I’m not too pissed about it, but I did lose all of my “friends” that I had on that account. So, if we were friends before, or if we weren’t and you would fancy being friends now, then please request my friendship.

P.S. Let me know if its embarrassing that the first song on my new account is…


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