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Les Savy Fav and Grinderman Tracks? Oh my!

I just woke up and it it’s looking like I don’t have work today. Sweet. That’s definitely one way to make Monday a little more bearable. You know what else makes Monday better? New music from two awesome bands! I got mad excited to see that the internet had blessed us with tracks from the new Les Savy Fav album, Root For Ruin, and the new Grinderman album, Grinderman 2.

The Les Savy Fav track, “Let’s Get Out of Here” rocks in LSF’s signature, post-hardcore way. Though this song isn’t as splintered and jarring as some of LSF’s previous stuff, it is a really good song. Tim Harrington’s vocals are oddly comforting the whole way through, allowing for you to really get into a groove with this one. I’m happy to see the band continuing to infuse their brand of post-punk with melody and pop sensibilities.

The album itself isn’t supposed to drop until September 13th, but of course it leaked, ever so slightly, onto a few pages of the interwebs. No, I won’t tell you where you can download it, you can search for yourself if you want it that bad. I will link you to the website that the band set up for you to donate money to them via Paypal for “stealing” their new album though.

On the other hand, all you’re going to hear from the new Grinderman album is the first single, “Heathen Child”. It’s dirty, it’s bluesy and chances are it will tear your face off. I wouldn’t expect any less from Nick Cave and company. If the image that accompanies the track is any indication of what we’re in for, then I better start preparing myself for bleeding ears this coming fall. Grinderman 2 looks to make you a writhing, god-less heathen when it releases the same day as Les Savy Fav’s album, on September 13th. Mark your motherfuckin’ calendars!

Here’s your share of these bitchin’ tunes. You’re welcome.


Les Savy Fav- Let’s Get Out of Here


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