The illest music

And here we go

Whats good, internet? The illadelph Experiment is a blog (of course) that my friend Andy and I decided to start up. Andy will probably be posting an introduction and possibly a review later today sometime. I, on the other hand, don’t really know what I’m doing yet. I’m Trev, by the way. I like music a lot, and I talk about it way too much. Which is kinda what led me here, to the blogosphere. Almost every day I’ve got something different bumping and I want to share those tracks with whoever wants to hear them. I want to get you as hype about the music I’ve been grooving to as I am.

I’m going to be a junior at the very prestigious liberal arts institution Ursinus college… really though, it’s a tiny ass school about 40 minutes out of Philly. I’m an English major there, so most of my time is spent reading and writing, so having a blog seems like it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch from what I already do (though with music instead of books). I don’t want to get into school really, but I’ll say that it suffices for my lifestyle. Other than that, there’s not really a whole lot I have to say about myself right now, though I’m sure I’ll talk about myself at greater length the longer this whole blog things goes on. now onto the music…

I don’t have a review or anything planned right now, but I should have something together for the first half of the week. (you can read a review I wrote of Baths’ debut album Cerulean over at my boy’s blog The New Montreal) I got my grubby hands on the new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs, yesterday, so I’ll probably be talking about that a lot. But here’s a small taste of what I’ve been spinning lately:

The Arcade Fire – Empty Room

Big Boi – Fo Yo Sorrows (Ft. George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris)

Delorean – Grow

The Roots – Radio Daze (Ft. Blu, P. O. R. N., & Dice Raw)

Telepath – Invisible Hero


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